From punk, to classic/hard rock, Vanilla Whale manages to create a cross breed of genres inventing, a punk, blues-rock smash, creating emotion, and satisfying fans.
Tyler Lucas, Andy Stewart, Alex Ianuzzi, and Darr Nieuwoudt, although formed Vanilla Whale this year in Spring, Texas, these guys are all from different parts of America, from Jersey to California.
 Vanilla Whale is now creating buzz all over the Houston area for some time now. Their innovative sound design, and spectacular stage presence is what keeps fans coming. These Texans sure can throw down when it comes to performance, and bound to leave you breathless by the end of the set.
If you are in the Houston area, show some love for Vanilla Whale at the Battle of the Bands, September 1st. 2706 White Oaks Dr. Houston, Tx 77007, at Fitzgeralds $10 if you get tickets now, $12 at door.

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