Welcome to the soul of Thiago Schiefer

São Paulo, Brazil Rock singer-songwriter  has a wide variety of rock and acoustic folk rock, this album is all about freedom from musically boundaries, and societies boundaries. But this is not only evident in the music, if you have witnessed a performance by Thiago Schiefer, you will know, this man has no boundaries when it comes to expressing his creativity.
  “I chose this picture as a contemporary dialog with the album’s concept: freedom"
"what’s the big deal with guys wearing skirts if women, long ago, began using pants?"
Thiago Schiefer first release, Prototype: Freedom, produced by Thiago Schiefer and co-produced by Fabio Ribeiro (Remove Silence, ex-Andre Matos) and Ale Souza (Remove Silence), is giving you the freedom to name the price of this album, whatever you can afford, even if it is nothing, but I do suggest tossing this guy something for this spectacular presentation of rock music, and a great example of what direction the future of rock music is heading. 

 “I think men should do a revolution as women did last century"
From acoustic guitar to synthesizers, listen to the diversity of this album, from Götterdämmerung to Tale of Forecoming Lore. Prepare for the intimate experience as Thiago Schiefer takes you on a very intimate, personal journey of his past struggles and triumphs.

    With Influences like Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, and Pink Floyd, how can you go wrong? Thiago being a songwriter that tastefully executes an original representation of his musical influences will surely be enjoyed by fans of alternative-rock, metal, and classic-rock. Prototype: Freedom is just that, a free expression of Thiago's hunger to share open-mindedness, free-living, and good quality Rock N' Roll that meets no boundaries. Thiago pushes genre limits to a new and exciting extreme. Keeping his unique style while blending folk, hard rock, and psychedelic with an electro twist at times. Thiago asks you follow his steps and push boundaries yourself as you can see by his cover art. He is right to question society's limitations that have no real reasoning to their rules and stipulations, other than being accepted by the norm. Thiago shows a man in a skirt is nothing more than just that and we should stop limiting ourselves by being worried about what others think. 

The entire album can be streamed directly from Thiago's soundcloud, and official website, so be sure to support this guy!                                                                                                                      

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