Formed February 2011, Sydney, Australia's Hypergiant is the sublimator of Metal progressive rock, blasting you beyond this solar system , leaving you couch locked in a gravity-less eternity. With influences branching out towards Mastodon, Clutch, The Sword and Red Fang, meets Pink Floyd, TOOL and Hawkwind. HyperGiant is the perfect combination of heavy in-your-face, fuzzy riffs, unforgiving vocals, and spacey psychedelic punk, you feel these guys in your gut, and that's not just the munchies. Gerald Potterton's "Heavy Metal" is missing this band from the soundtrack. 

Planetcracker EP is the latest and greatest from Hypergiant, it can be found HERE

Every track off their EP PlanetCracker is relentlessly hard hitting, from classic, to genre bending, proving their right in the metal Akashic records hall of fame. Keep your dignity, and buy this EP. Share it with your friends, letting them know who the fuck knows about the best underground music.  -Elliott


Coming to you from our friends at Contorted Records. Sound Of Memories with their new EP Living Circles this one will really fuck your brains, French style.  
artwork by: Barbariskunst
Sound Of Memories IS delivering up pure metal nostalgia, this 5 piece is coming to you from Paris, France. Started back in 2010, Sound Of Memories has been producing, gut wrenching vocals, blazing solos, power riffs that climb up your spine, and enough head banging whiplash to keep you dizzy for weeks. 

Not sure why we took so long to write about these guys, from the second we pressed play everyone at Ru1ns couldn't help but feel the power of  Sound Of  Memories. With influences like Iron Maiden, Children Of Bodom, Carcass, At The Gates, Hypocrisy, Amon Amarth and Arch Enemy are you surprised?

Yeah, you could download Living Circles EP for free, but don't be a cheap ass, support the serious hard work these guys put into this production. Don't be afraid of the name your price feature, and be grateful to get have Sound Of Memories on your $500 I phone.

Stay tuned for more sick shit like this from Contorted Records.


Hungry for some post-apocalyptic heavy metal to accompany your hangover from last night and lube you up for another round of self destructive medication? Well here is FIRELORD, Italian doom metalers that crank out quality dark, sludgy, stoner metal. Raging guitar riffs that serenade you like an act at the Devil's nuclear beach side banquet; the songs from the 2013 release Among the Snakes feed the eternal doom-laced friendship that has been forged for decades through acts like Black Sabbath and Motorhead. With heavy rhythmic riffs and dirty, catchy vocals piled on top of hard drumming there's no room to go wrong especially when the solos come in to share their emotive musical representation of torment for the head-banger's soul. So check it out and get yourself a piece of FIRELORD's debut album Among the Snakes. DOWNLOAD    FACEBOOK